Expel all corporate lobbyists from Parliament.

Matt Black
2 min readSep 26, 2019


The UK like the USA and many other countries, is supposed to be a democracy. The term ‘Social contract’ means we get to vote, and the representatives we elect to Parliament are supposed to run the country for us.

I don’t remember voting to allow lobbyists from corporations to get into Parliament and have access to our MPs so that they can get them to do what is convenient for corporate profit.

That’s what lobbyists do. Why are they in Parliament? That was not part of the social contract. We want our MPs to run the country for us - US- i.e. in the interests of the people who voted them.

But that is not what happens. Lobbyists corrupt our MPs with bribery, dishonest snakelike words, promises of directorships and favours. Wining and dining them, they waste MPs time which should be spent on serving their constituents.

That is why the fossil fool industry gets billions of pounds of subsidies in the UK alone. Worldwide it is trillions. Who pays for those subsidies? We do. Who gets the benefit? The corporations. Why? Because the corporations have persuaded parliament that it’s a great idea.

And with those trillions of subsidies they are destroying the planet, partying and patting themselves on the back as they laugh at us who silently pay the bill.

They are sucking on the blood of normal regular people, most of whom do not have shares in those companies and do not know how much of our money they steal.

Lobbyists from fossil fool companies like BP and Exxon, and countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia whose main business is oil, join other lobbyists for armaments, tobacco, and other companies whose products produce misery, illness, death and destruction. They are poisonous tapeworms on our society, and their parasitic takeover of government, which occurs in virtually every country in the world and has become thought of as normal, should be called the fatal disease it is.

A fossil fool lobbyist gets his bonus having successfully negotiated a cut to insulation grants

The problem in the UK is not Brexit… we are arguing over whether to be governed by one set of corporate lackeys in Brussels, or another set in London. It’s a choice between cat shit or dog shit.

The remedy is to pass a law expelling all corporate lobbyists from Parliament so that our government , free from heavy and dirty corporate influence, can get on with the job of helping run our society for the benefit of all citizens. Nothing will change till this happens.

People: let’s get our country back again.




Matt Black

Matt Black is half of legendary DJ duo+multimedia pop group Coldcut, and founders of Ninja Tune.