this is very illuminating. however is it really fair to compare the cost of say the Eth network with Tezos network right now as Eth is currently much bigger , has more nodes , transactions and is more popular?

If we consider NFTs: I rejected minting on Eth based systems because of their energy hog problem. Now Im looking at Tezos based Kalamint and HEN.

The quote 'The Tezos blockchain uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocol to verify transactions, requiring an estimated 25 million times less energy than Bitcoin, or 1.5 million times less energy than Ethereum' I find too vague.

Some solid comparative figures for energy usage not just per mint, but also for ongoing energy usage per sale/transfer would be welcomed by myself and others Im sure. and if convincing could significantly boost wider desirability of Tezos network.



Matt Black

Matt Black is half of legendary DJ duo+multimedia pop group Coldcut, and founders of Ninja Tune.